Top hidden fees you must know when selling your car

Selling a car is a mighty task. Yes, you get money with this process, but there are certain hidden fees that you need to stay wary of.

Most car owners often aren’t aware of these fees. At the time of payment, they either get into conflict with the car dealers or end up regretting the same later on. This is why our cash for cars Toronto team explains these fees in this blog further on.

What are the hidden fees you must know when selling your car?

Checkout some of the hidden fees you must be aware of before you sell your car below.

Cash For Cars Toronto - Sell My Car Toronto1) Towing charges: This is one of the most common and the costliest hidden fees that you must stay aware of when you sell your car. It’s better to confirm the same before you move forward with the company.

If the company asks you to pay towing fees, it’s better to move further with another company. No matter what, the company must pay the towing charges. Numerous dealers don’t specify the towing charges and ask for them while they visit your premises to take the car. Hence, it’s always wise to confirm the same from the car dealer before you carry the deal forward.

2) Document transfer fee: Yes, most companies do the paperwork for you, but when they hand over the amount to you, a small “document transfer” fee is deducted. They will mention the same in the quote.

However, you must have an idea about this fee from the beginning itself. Hence, next time you visit the company to discuss the deal, ask them about the document transfer fee upfront.

3) Illogical tax charges: Certain car companies deduct certain illogical tax charges, and don’t even inform the same to the seller.

Hence, you must confirm all the taxes that you will have to pay before you close the deal with any dealer. You must get your doubt cleared on an immediate basis if you feel that any of the deductions are illogical and unfair.

4) Gas tank draining: There are several companies that demand the removal of gas tanks. If they do it for you, they will be charging you a certain amount. Hence, you must ask the car buying company from the initial level itself about this aspect.

Remember, draining the gas tank all by yourself can be dangerous. Hence, it’s better to let the professionals do it for you. However, be clear about the charges that the company will charge for draining your gas tank.

5) Car cleaning fees: This hidden fee is rare, but still, many people have been victims of the same. Hence, confirm the same from the company, and if possible, keep your car clean to ensure that it doesn’t come into the picture at all.

“I want to sell my car in Toronto. Are there any hidden fees I need to stay wary of?” This question or say dilemma always troubles a majority of car sellers. Our team has answered it above. Whenever you sell your car, ensure that you discuss the above aspects with the car buying company.

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