Papers you will require to sell a car in Canada

Selling a car isn’t hectic, only if you have every document required. You will require a number of documents while you sell your car and knowing them is a must to ensure that you get them right.

If you are about to sell a car in Toronto, readout this blog entirely to know the documents you need to keep ready to ensure that you don’t face any issues while selling your car and get the top cash for the same.

What are the documents you require to sell a car in Canada?

Checkout some of the most important documents you will require when you sell your car in Canada below.

Papers You Require to Sell a Car in Toronto1) Ownership transfer document: The ownership transfer document is one of the most important documents that you will require to sell your car smoothly. You need to fill out a form which you will find on the official website of the government.

Both, you and the buyer need to fill out this form accurately, so that there are absolutely no issues with transfer formalities. Hence, if you are about to sell your car, ensure that you get the ownership transfer document ready as the first step of the car selling process.

2) Car history report: A car’s history report is another important thing you need to keep ready before you sell your car. Also, you must have a thorough knowledge of the car’s history report if you aren’t the first owner of the car.

A car’s history report must incorporate everything about your car. Be it the car’s purchase year, or the major repairs that your car has undergone, your car history report should incorporate everything.

3) Bill of sale: Firstly, get it clear that the bill of sale and the ownership transfer documents are entirely different. The bill of sale must incorporate every information like the buyer and seller name, your car’s information, odometer disclosure, etc.

Bill of sale is not a mandatory thing, but it’s always recommended to prepare one as it can simplify the car selling process for both, the buyer and sell considerably.

4) Service record: This is optional, but a service record document can actually boost the value of your car considerably. The service history of your car gives the potential buyers confidence while purchasing your car, and hence even encourages the buyer to pay as much as you want.

Hence, don’t hesitate to showcase the car’s service history, if it is up to the mark (which should be). It would make it easy for you to fetch the value that you actually want for your car.

These are some of the most important documents you will require if you are looking to sell your car and get the best cash for cars in Toronto.

If you are about to sell your car, ensure that you keep the above documents ready. Keeping them ready won’t only ensure a smooth car trading process, but also validate the fact that your car is absolutely clear (specifically, the service history), and hence give the potential buyer a concrete reason to pay as much as you want.

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